Jan 30, 2018

How to meet the man of your dream

The Man Of Her dream...

When a man is truly in love, he thinks with his heart not his emotions...

He does not allow his urger to control him rather he builds a strong friendship that will sustain his love.

Such man does not focus on her body, rather he learn how to effectively use her heart to understand the activities within her feelings.

The man of her dream is the one who will bring out the best in her...

The man of her dream is not the one that will call her " My No.1" No! She want the man that will call her

Its the dream of any woman to find a man that will love her beyond her body.

The greatest gift a woman can give a man is PEACE. But is her desire that you give her ATTENTION and HAPPINESS...

Its the dream of a woman not to " share" when you focus on your relationship, she will focus on you.

Not every lady is desperate, its her desire that you don't take her love for desperation.

A woman does not dream for a man who promise marriage, rather he prefer the one whose Actions have paid the bride price...

She desire a man who can protect his love for her, in his hands her heart is safe.

She desire a man with prospect and vision, she considers her unborn children.

Is her dream that you don't use her weakness against her...or compare her with any other woman.

She desire a man that will join hands with her in prayers not in romance.

If you desire to have a "Good Woman " just be a "Faithful Man.

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